With Ezybin Management App your skip bin booking is sorted.

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Benefits for Ops Manager

  • You will get the flexibility to
    • Choose your bins
    • Define your timings (Like Mon-Fri and 7AM - 8PM)
    • Choose the councils your provide services in
  • Onboard your Drivers to the Driver App and its as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Simply drag and drop the Drivers to allocate a job.
  • Instant notifications for bin drop offs and collections. Customers can track the Drivers after they start the job.
  • All documents are received in real time photos of drop offs and pick ups, communication with drivers a must.
  • We take care of the permits on your behalf. So there is no need to waste time in emailing, faxing and calling councils.
  • More orders, instant payment, easy management.
  • EzyBin allows you to track every job from bin drop to disposal.
  • We eliminate time spent invoicing as customers pay for jobs at the time of the booking. We provide customers with an easy to follow bin selection process so they are getting the right bin for the job every time.
  • The EzyBin APP gives instant, real time access to customers. It allows every order to be tracked and gives you your own portal to manage your orders, accounts and jobs with the latest automated technology. Saves you time and money.


Ezybin is truly the easiest way to book a bin. Being able to track where the driver is means I don't have to wait around hoping they turn up on time.

Renovator from Melbourne

App user

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