So easy to onboard, communication between customers and operations...

It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Job Notification, all the information is on this job and any notes from customers regain delivery or pick up.

Step 2

Begin navigation, allows the customer to track the delivery as soon as the bin is on your truck, allowing communications between operations a must.

Step 3

This feature allows for photos of placements and load types as well as tip receipts. Complete the job and get ready for the next one.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Instant notification of jobs, drop offs and pick ups.
  • Navigation, communication between operations, customer feedback.
  • Photos of all placement of bins and photos of loads on pick ups and photos of tip dockets.
  • Very user friendly and fully automated function for drivers.


Ezybin is truly the easiest way to book a bin. Being able to track where the driver is means I don't have to wait around hoping they turn up on time.

Renovator from Melbourne

App user

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